Thursday, November 29, 2007

Things Have been quiet

in the Being Green department here at Chez AliP. I still try to clean green with essential oils doing my germ killing but I must admit to slippage with the cold and flu season attacking us with a vengeance. I broke out the forbidden chemical disinfectants but only when alone in the house and only in the bathrooms. We have been "new" virus free now for about a week and a half....whew. I can go back to my less scary methods of cleaning and disinfecting.
Why do we do this? I'm not the only one thats for sure..
Also in the "green" living books, its wintery here now and the heat is on. We didn't order firewood this year since I felt we had enought left for emergencies and super cold spells. Our electricity is produced by hydro plants here and thats a cleaner method than coal fired plants like we had in Nova Scotia. The heat in my home is electric and I have thermostats that have a 'set back' feature so that the heat is automatically turned back at night. the downside is that its light sensitive and on real dark wintter days it doesn't go to the daytime cozy setting of 19 degrees. Unless I tinker with the set back or turn on a bright lamp near the thermostat. Sweaters and slippers are being worn by myself all day since I am pretty sedentary, blankets cuddled into for evening TV or reading by the rest of the family. We save ourselves some coin with the lower temperature setting too.
There was a recent new story on how much cleaner North American are (personal hygiene) compared to some Europeans like Parisians. It was a study on water usage actually and in NA we use a lot more water for bathing and showering where as Parisians use more in meal preparation. Very interesting if you think about it and there is a whole book on the subject which I saw touted on Canada AM last week but now cannot find for all my Google skillz.
Being green: bathe less, wear a sweater, avoid chemicals. I guess thats my message this time. LOL

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