Friday, December 5, 2008

Bio Logs etc

This winter, Chez Nous, we are going the Eco Wood route for firewood to boost our home heating.
This is a product made from wood processing waste. Essentially its super compacted sawdust that has been compressed into logs and bricks, There is far less moisture in the compressed sawdust than in traditional firewood so it burns hotter and cleaner than regular firewood and doesn't require the cutting down of more trees since it uses prexisting waste. So far I am liking them. No bugs in my house and less dirt though they do shed some sawdust when being taken out of their packaging. The catch quicker with less newspaper and kindling than regular wood and they burn hotter so my woodstove heats a bit faster with fewer logs. We have two called Power Logs and the bigger slower burning Night Logs for sustaining the heat out put of the stove once the Power Logs have heated it up.
The logs contain no petroleum additives like paraffin to bind the sawdust unlike some similar products.

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