Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dishwashering revisited.......

I tried out that "Attitude" dishwasher liquid detergent and quite honestly it didn't float my boat for long. This product, combined with our elderly dishwasher, didn't make for very clean dishes but it also depended on who loaded the washer and whether the spray arms were clog free.
I switched a long while back to Presidents Choice chlorine and phosphate free dishwasher packets (25 in a pack use one per load) and we are in love. THIS is a greener product that cleans just as well as the nastier products!!! Plus no etching on my glasses etc. it really works very very well. Available in Canada at Loblaws affiliated stores such as Maxi, Superstore etc etc. I pay about $5.99 a pack..this ain't cheap by any stretch BUT I look at it this way.

1) It works GREAT.
2) I am not using "extra" because the portions are premeasured in water soluable packets so less waste. (only handle with dry hands!!)
Love this product for the dishwasher.

We invested in a brand new, more energy efficient (loving the more efficient Smart Wash feature may I say?), leak free dishwasher in January. Oh my stars...this is what REALLY clean dishes look like (if I load the dishwasher). I ran out of the PC dishwasher stuff and bought Biovert tabs ($7.99 for 30ish?) because I didn't have time to go to the Maxi and hit IGA instead. I love love love Biovert Dishwashing (by hand)liquid so I thought, why not try it? Complaint one: TOO MUCH PACKAGING!!! The tabs come in two separate plastic bags, inside a box, and then each little tab is wrapped in plastic. UGH! Pain in the ass supreme. Husband is convinced that they are not as good at getting the dishes clean as the PC brand...I am on the fence so far..there was some egg yolk left on a spatula and some residues but that could ahve been human error. When I load the dishwasher they tend to come out cleaner than when he shoves things in willy nilly.
Opinion pending on this product's efficacy but I hate the extra packaging and the price tag of $7.99.

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