Monday, February 22, 2010

Greener Produce bags

Photo from Gazette article here. This article states that the bags were to be available back in November but I have never noticed them in my local Metro grocery until this past week.
Well, I never did get around to making my produce bags and thus used way too many plastic produce bags at the fruiterie and grocery stores. The GUILT!!! Ugh. Well, I can now say good bye to a large portion of my plastic bag consumer guilt because I shelled out $5 and go 5 bags at my local grocery store. I will be buying another set ASAP too because 4 large and one teeny are not enough for our big produce days.

Pluses: They seem sturdily built and were very affordable for the Average green minded Canadian shopper. I used mine today and was well pleased with my purchase. They hold lots of apples and pears. They are machine washable so can go in with the laundry OR you could hand wash very easily in a sink with some soap and tea tree oil to disinfect. They will dry in about 5 seconds. Given the material they are made of, I would recommend air drying to prolong the life of the bags. I'm not sure but perhaps the fabric is made from recycled plastic fiber? If it was I'd feel better about the purchase. I tossed my cardboard package/lable thingy in the recycling before I fully absorbed the details. Will read more next time I grab a pack.

Minuses: Not made of a natural fiber and so not super duper uber green like something made of organic cotton or hemp would be. Smallest bag only good for a singl apple or garlics or something like that.

I am pleased.

Still on the reusable bags fence? Check out some of these findings from a 2008 Manitoban article.


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Fabulous. I wonder if the produce bags have to be see-through or if they can be opaque.
You've totally inspired me to make some of my own!

Ali P said...

Technically they don't but it makes life a bit easier for cashiers if they are so that they can read tags through them. I know people here that repurpose pillow cases for use as produce bags when they shop.