Friday, May 18, 2007

Information Need Not Cost a Dime

Thanks Crazy Aunt Purl. This is a really good source of information. Just for the record, I've never tried this company's products and don't plan on it. Information, however, is free, and the more one knows the better the choices one makes. Hopefully.

More free information. Take stock of the chemicals in your household. Ignorance is bliss. Bliss we can no longer afford. Our health and our planet require us to educate ourselves with the facts. Remember to call your municipal agencies for information on proper disposal of hazardous waste when you switch to greener or less toxic products.

On a lighter note, here is a very simple recipe for a wall cleaner or anything-else cleaner. With kids and animals, I suspect I will be putting it to use often.

I reused a plastic bucket from a dishwasher detergent (didn't have to go and buy one!) and filled it about half full with warm water, about 3L. In it I dissolved about 1/4 cup of borax.

That's it. I found a couple rags made from old towels and showed the kids how to clean their fingerprints off the walls! Granted they weren't overly enthused about it, deciding the floor or windows were more "fun" to clean, but hey... That's more than I bargained for. After they were done cleaning I went around with a clean damp rag and wiped down any residue.

Getting them involved didn't cost anything, showed them that it takes effort to clean and it got them away from the TV. Not to mention it got us working as a family. Win-win.

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AliP said...

Love Aunt Purl even though she loves Mr Clean magic erasers. Turns out the "magic" ingredient is formaldehyde. Use sparingly if ever. (More money wasted by me through not knowing anybetter..DOH)