Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Oh MY!

I didn't pass the test. Not even close.

Now go take the test yourself. Don't be shocked by the results. At least you'll be sitting down.

My ecological footprint is too big for this planet. Much too HUGE! I would have never thought it. Maybe if the test had been a bit more specific in some areas, such as food... Don't mind me. I am still recovering from the shock of it all. I didn't think the test would judge me so harshly for eating meat and dairy on a regular basis. After all, my husband and oldest son provided most of the meat for the freezer last year: deer and bear. No importing, processing, packaging required. In the summer I grow a decent sized garden, and supplement with locally grown produce where possible. More often than not I bake bread for our family, milk comes from our cow and eggs from our chickens.

I don't fly anywhere anymore, don't ride a motorcycle, and make only one trip per week to town, not quite 30km away. Sometimes, if I am organised, I don't visit town even every other week. Especially if I remember the mobile library schedule that comes to our community.

I will try to lessen my footprint. How about you?

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