Friday, May 18, 2007

Itchy heads etc:

The women in my family suffer from itchy head syndrome. This is in no way a scientific term. We occassionally come a cross a hair grooming product that causes such annoying head itchiness after even one use, that that brand is forsaken. Occassionally a dandruff problem would have us reaching for prescriptive or drugstore products to soothe the itch and flaking. It would help, for awhile and dry out my hair at least...Viscious cycle no? Question it we didn't very much. Until now (me).
While looking up greener cleaning methods for my home I found out a bit about the toxic substances used in modern grooming and cosmetic products. Scary... and my itchy head question seems to have been answered inadvertantly. Sodium Lauryl and Laureth Sulphates. In almost every soap, bubble bath, shampoo, face wash, moisturisers, lotions, and dish detergent currently on the market no matter how natural or pure the company's claims. Even some in the health food stores have it in the listed ingredients. Holy massive eczema breakouts Batman!
Even in those special MILD soaps that dermatologists sometimes extoll the virtues of for their eczema patients you will find the dreaded SLS-es.
Finding this out sent me straight to the health food shop and healthy stuff department of the local Loblaws. I was planning on maybve making my own shampoos from recipes I had acquired over the years but had not bothered to try. At this point in time I am a bit pressed for time etc so I actually end up buying a shampoo, reasonably priced and in a biggish bottle by the company JASON. They only had one kind so I took it since it seemed to be for my kind of hair anyways. It doesn't suds up all that fantastically , but on the second lather it was better and my hair was clean without being totally stripped (because of its low lather it also rices great...less water used!!). I used no conditioner this time, blew dry and had non-frizzed shiny bouncyish hair. Me happy.
Next day, I took myself to Loblaws and lo and behold they had HEAPS of JASON stuff at lower price than the healthfood store. Body washes and shampoos and conditioners oh my. I grabbed the coordinating conditioner for my shampoo and eyed the other products for future reference. They even have kids stuff which my guys will love. Used the conditioner today with the shampoo but no blow drying . It detangled wonderfully and rinsed fairly well. I am pleased. NO ITCH thus far. Yay!!
I have already called my mom who is the itchiest of all of us and has used and still uses horrid things on her scalp to make it stop. She also suffers from psoriasis so the SLSes are not helping with that little bit of hell. I suggested her next hair products be of the JASON line since she won't remember to look for SLS free on labels (she's old and forgetfullish).
Based on my bit of anecdotal evidence I recommend that you look at your own grooming practices, especially if you suffer from any skin conditions. SLS-es may be an aggravating factor and I recommend switching to SLS free products for your own health and the health of your family. Pick one thats affordable..there are many that are priced out of this family's range and I don't think a clean itchless head should cost a lot.
I'm also test driving the Emu Oil soap by Soap Works. Compared to other emu oil products, its very reasonably priced at less than half of what I paid for a drugstore carried soap that shall remained nameless. This is until I can try rebatching a store bought Marseilles soap(Castile soap) into handmade enriched bars. Experimenting will take place in June before I go on vacation for the summer with my kids, camping. I will keep you all posted.
Please feel free to comment or question! I in no way know everything and can make errors. If you find I have done so please correct me. As always, comment politely please.

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